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The History of the company

The company was established in 1996 under the name REGENT, s.r.o., and under guise of people with years of experience in the work field of publishing houses and editorial offices.

Over the course of its activity, the company published magazines aimed primarily at children – Superohník, Bobík, Bobi, Lienka, Zips as well as a specialized cooking recipe magazine – Receptár.

The company published many interesting books and other works, again aimed primarily at children.

Other worthwhile literary works also came from our publishing house, including some from the sphere of poetry or other literature of value. Many well-known authors and illustrators such as Martin Kellenberg, Peter Cpin, Rudolf Dobiáš, Ján Navrátil, Mária Komorová…were contributors to our publishing house.

Our best-known titles are, for example, the book entitled Perličky na slniečkunamed the Best and the most beautiful children’s book of winter 2015, Kytička s ružičkou by Libuša Friedová, Moje najmilovanejšie zvieratá by Vlado Bednár, Ďuro pozdrav Ďura by Vincent Šikula or Tri
víly by Anton Habovštiak. Many of the titles published over the course of our publishing history under the name REGENT can be purchased at favourable prices here.







The company’s activities



  • Publishing of children’s magazines and youth magazines
  • Publishing of primarily children’s literature and literature of value
  • Publishing of books and additional materials to assist with education and development of children, as well as teachers and tutors
  • Publishing of books, works, CDs… by non-professional and fledgling authors
  • Services related to the production of creative works, their consequent marketing and retail
  • Services for beginners and amateurs associated with increasing knowledge in the selected area




On January 1 st , 2018, the company was renamed to Liberty Space, s.r.o. We are actually preparing many changes in our products focused on children and other age groups. We will also pay more attention to amateur and start-up authors, illustrators or other creators of inspirational works or products.





Partner cooperation system


  • Our priority is to collaborate with creators whose primary interest is built on their own joy stemming from the creative work itself and from the ambition to help others and bring them joy.
  • At the same time, priority is to be given to those creators who are open to collaboration with sales-based compensation of their works’ retail success and they themselves are interested in propagating information about not only their creative works, but also about creative works of the society in general.
  • To give priority to those professional writers who are interested not only in propagating their own work, but mainly in stimulating either others to write or instruct them, and share in the experience or skills they had acquired.






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