...to be & create...
Creating aimed at children, their parents, teachers and trainers.
Support the playfulness, creativity, lightness and freedom in creation. Supporting the conscious life.

Remade children’s magazines to be published since September 2018.
Creating which reminds us of the human values
Support the interest in the history, culture and life of our ancestors.

People’s stories, interpersonal relationship, spiritul values, love of the nature.
Creating which helps people fulfil their children dreams
Support and publishing the work of amateur and starting writers, illustrators or other types of artists – regardless their age.

Support for creation outside of your comfort-zone


Free space for creating

…in order to create from inner joy, whether to inspire or please others, it is necessary again only to be and not to be judgmental. To be thankful for where and who we are, what we have or don’t and enjoy the moment rather than the desired future result. So let us be and create... :-)





  • to support people’s aware life and creation from joy in personal freedom with interest to help others or bring them joy
  • to support creation of people of any age (children, adults, retirees) and in various fields (literature, music, art, sports-games- exercise…) with unique experience, knowledge or skills (beginners, amateurs, professionals).
  • to encourage people in creating outside of their comfort zone.
  • to help its customers with all and any services related to publishing of books or other printed or electronic publications, CDs, DVDs…



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To create a unlimited space for such free creation of people not only in Slovakia but also



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  • Human being and personal creative freedom
  • proactivity/innovativeness/humanity-gratitude/win- win cooperation



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